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We want our members to feel well-informed, safe, and cared for during their enrollment.
Is my membership a one-time fee or billed monthly?
After your 7-day trial, The Entrepreneur Alliance is billed monthly.  Your credit card will immediately be charged $30 on the same day each month. You can keep your membership as long as you'd like and cancel anytime!
Is there a long-term commitment?
No. You can cancel your membership any time... no hard feelings :)
Does anyone actually read the FAQ section?
To be honest, I don't really know... but we put it down here because that's what you're supposed to do...
What happens after I purchase my 7-day trial membership?
You will receive instant access to the EA Facebook group and EA Vault - enjoy your full membership!
Are my billing & credit card information secure?
Absolutely. The alliance is built on a fully encrypted platform using Stripe - complete with SSL certificates.